Thursday, March 14, 2013

Words That Can't be Taken

2013 is a kinda weird year for me because my right hand has turn to 'handicapped' for a while to draw in manual way.
Screw you out, Adobe!

So here are some random sketches I made in early of 2013.

What? Someone Like You,  Adele? LOL

Yes my darling wehuuu~ Sorry Bruno Mars, you look so..weird in this artwork.

This movie is kinda sickkkkk. Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper should get married in their real life!

My first attempt to draw Lee Hi, the uprising K-pop star female but still, what I draw it must be turn to someone diffffereeeennnntttt than the original.

They said I have a similar face like her, Tiz Zaqyah. What? Okay, pls don't comparing me with this drawing, this is much wayyyyy cute than me even her in reality life. 

Like I said, my skill still sucks. 

Thanks for viewing.

More artworks will upload soon.


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